Meet the FCA Team

The Family Center for Achievement’s dedicated team of professionals ensure the highest level of safety, comfort, care and FUN for everyone who walks through our doors. With decades of experience and specialized skill sets, the FCA staff is committed to ensuring that participants can achieve their goals.

Ayodele Adewunmi – Director of Curriculum

With more than 10 years’ experience working with people with autism and other disabilities, Ayo started his career as a Direct Support Professional. He quickly moved up and went on to become a successful Residential Manager and Director. In those roles Ayo demonstrated an excellent ability to deal with people with Autism and challenging behaviors while implementing programs and organizing services for the people in the homes as well as their families and friends.

Throughout his career Ayo has proven to be successful in finding innovative and creative ways to help people of varying abilities gain independence, reduce challenging behaviors, and gain successful employment in the community. The skills he gained through these experiences made him the ideal candidate for the position of Director of Curriculum at the FCA.

Ayo’s unique perspective, combined with his drive to integrate people of all abilities in a place or program where they can learn, grow and achieve their goals, translate directly to the purpose and mission of the Family Center for Achievement. Here he oversees the development and implementation of programs for people with disabilities as well as members of their family and the community.

Lonnell Harrington – Director of Programming

Lonnie originally joined the FCA five years ago as a Program Coordinator, and then went on to become Assistant Director and now serves as Director of Programming. In this role, Lonnie oversees all the class programming for FCA, and constantly strives to meet the interests and needs of each person who walks through our doors – from age 4 to age 70.

With previous experience working in schools as a teacher’s aide and assistant to the principal, Lonnie’s expertise includes the ability to adapt and develop to meet the needs of both children and adults while ensuring the safety and comfort of students and program participants.

All of the FCA’s programs focus on learning, having fun and honing social skills. Lonnie works to make sure that all of these requirements are met, and works with participants, families and community members to develop new and innovative options to make the FCA accessible to even more people.

Susan Choinski, Case Coordinator for School District Services

As the liaison between school districts and families, Susan works with FCA members to ensure that they find the right programs and services to meet their needs, so that they can achieve their goals.

With a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, a Master’s Degree in Elementary Education and more than 20 years in the Special Education field, Susan is the perfect person for role of Case Coordinator, helping participants at the Family Center for Achievement with special needs as they navigate the wide variety of school-based and community-based programs available to them.

At the FCA, Susan assists individuals and families in their search for providers who can meet their unique needs and making progress toward their personal goals within their homes/families and the community.

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