Exciting Changes at FCA

As many of you know, the incredible classes, special events and support services offered at the Family Center for Autism are not limited to participants with autism – they are open to people of all ages and abilities. Our expertise is not limited to autism but extends to support other disabilities, and our engaging programs are open to those without disabilities as well.
In order to be more inclusive and accurately represent the offerings available to the community at large, we are excited to announce that we will be changing our name to the Family Center for Achievement. We feel this better represents our purpose and reflects the words and ideals of the late Rick Del Mastro, who was instrumental in the creation of the FCA, to create a place “Where everyone can be the best me they can be.”
The FCA will continue to be the same resource to families and maintain all of our relationships and connections that we have built over the last eight years, while adding some new programs to our schedule that will be of even greater benefit to all of our participants.
Our spring session begins April 10 and will offer family-favorite classes such as music, art, cooking, Zumba, computer skills and social skills, as well as exciting special and community events. To support our expanded mission, the Family Center for Achievement will recognize each participant’s strengths through a new Certificate of Achievement program, whereby at the end of each session the participant will receive recognition for the classes that they completed and the goals they accomplished.
Over the next couple of weeks we will be rolling out the new name and new logo on our website, social media, signage and other materials, so be on the lookout! We look forward to celebrating this exciting news with everyone soon.
For more information about these programs families can reach out to Lonnell Harrington – 516-355-9400, Ext 9700, or Helene Ramer, Ext 9220.

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